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Planning & Monitoring Unit - Functions and Services

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Planning & Monitoring Unit

Functions and Services

  1. Data Collection, tabulation, analysis storing and distribution of information
  2. Encourage and motivates to obtain information by modern technology techniques
  3. Monitoring of development activities for achieving targets
  4. Formulation of future development projects and assist in obtaining necessary resources
  5. Compilation of annual action plan
  6. Preparation of institutional work plan in accordance with the government projects (Mahinda Chintana, Dhannyagara, Village reawakening)
  7. Preparing of progress reports on monthly, quarterly and annual basis and review of the projects
  8. Furnish information for donor agencies and government institutes (Central Bank, Dept. of Census and Statistics)
  9. Updating and maintaining of Mahaweli Development web site and providing internet facilities
  10. Release of present development activities on Mahaweli programme
  11. Compiling and publishing of Mahaweli publications
  12. Designing of web site for other institutes
  13. Continuation of Coordination with State Agencies.
  14. Maintains Technical Library of Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka

Telephone No  - 0112698957
e-mail addresses - /

Organization Information

Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka

No 500
T.B.Jayath Mawatha
Colombo 10.

Telephones:011 – 2687491 – 5
Fax Nos:011 – 2687240

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