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Main Activities under the purview of the Ministry

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Main Activities under the purview of the Ministry

  • Appointing personal staff of the Member’s and terminating their services
  • Paying monthly salary of Member’s personal Staff.
  • Payment of gratuity to those staff of Members who have completed their tenure.
  • Providing office equipment and transport facilities for Members of Parliament.
  • Issuing tax free vehicle permits with a view of supplying transport facilities enabling Hon. Members of Parliament to access all people of their districts.
  • Implementing training programs for the staff of Hon. Members of Parliament, under this, more attention will be paid on the following areas. They are Public relation and communication, making awareness on formal office system, providing computer knowledge, and productivity and 5s system, good governence, human rights, parliamentary system and constitution of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
  • Issuing of Ministry office identity card to the staff of Hon. Members of Parliament.
  • Implementing a cooperate insurance scheme for Hon. Members of Parliament.

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