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Providing breeder seeds of recommended breeder seed varieties

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Available varieties
Maize –              Ruwan, Bhadra, parental lines of hybrid variety Samapth
Finger millet –   Ravi, Ravana, Oshada
Chilli –                MI Green, MI Waraniya 1, MICH 3, KA 2, MI Green, MI Hot, Galkiriyagama Selection
B’Onion –          Dambulla selection
Red Onion –      Thinnaweli Purple
Cowpea –           Waruni, Dhawala, Wijaya, Bomabay
Mung bean –     Ari, MI 6, MI 5
Black gram –      Anuradha, MI 1
Soybean –          PB1, PM13
Groundnut –      Tissa, Indi, Walawa, Tikiri
Sesame –            Uma, Malle 



Who can obtain the breeder seeds
Breeder seeds are produced and handover to Seed and Planting Material Division. Seeds of parental lines of maize hybrid variety “Samapth” can be obtained by private companies and any government seed farms who are interested in producing hybrid seeds



The procedure of purchasing maize parental lines
Request should be made in writing to Director, Field crop Research and Development Institute, Mahailuppallama. Signing of an agreement to produce hybrid seeds with the Director General of Agriculture/ Department of Agriculture. Technical knowhow will be given from the FCRDI to the seed producers



From where maize parental lines can be purchased
Contact Director, Field Crops Research and Development Institute, Mahailuppallama



Rs 500/= (Per Kg) for maize




Organization Information

Department of Agriculture

Old Galaha road,
Sri Lanka.

Ms. P.Malathi
Telephones:+94 812 386484 / +94 812 388157
Fax Nos:+94 812 388333

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