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  Required Forms     application and guidelines
SCPPC: Issuance of import permits to import plant, planting material and plant products

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Who imports these items should obtain permits by law.

Process of submitting applications:
Applications can be collected from National
Plant Quarantine Service (NPQS) Canada Friendship Road Katunayake or downloaded from the NPQS website.

  Applications with required document can be sent to , /by post or by hand to Additional Director, National Plant Quarantine Service (NPQS) Canada Friendship Road Katunayake.

Fees payable to obtain application form:
Free of charge

Time taken from submitting the application to the issuance of import permit:
For complete applications related or regularly importing plant commodities importing from regularly importing countries – about one week.

  For new plant commodities/ importing form new country-vary with the time taken for pestRisk Assessment process/receiving no objection from other institutes.   

 Fees payable to obtain the service:
Free of charge

Time of supplying the service:
From 8.30 a.m. to 4.15 p.m. on week days excluding public holidays.

Documents needed:
(a) To import new varieties of vegetable seeds:

1.      Seed Handler certificate from seed certificate service  (T.P. 0813755235)

2.      Application should forwarded through related Research Institute of  DOA

3.       Catalogue details (description of the new variety)

(b) To import planting vegetable seeds for commercial purpose:

1.      Seed Handler certificate obtained from seed certificate service

2.        Variety Evaluation Report issued by Research Institute

 (c) Vegetable Planting materials (Plants/Cuttings/Tissue culture plants) : Seed Handler certificate obtained from seed  certificate service.

  (d) To import for animal feed: A letter from required from the Department of Animal Production and Health.   

 (e) To import for animal feed: A letter from the Kovil, A letter from the Religious Affairs and Moral Upliftment/ Department of Hindu Religious and Cultural Affairs.

(f) To import seeds of forests plant: A consent letter from Forest Department.

(g) To import Export Agricultural crops: No objection certificate obtained from Department of Export Agriculture.

(h) To import bean seed and onion seed for planting – Approval of Director General of Agriculture, DOA.

(i)  To import groundnut seed for consumption – Approval of Director General of Agriculture, DOA.

(j)  To import maize for popcorn production An approval letter form Ministry of Agriculture, DGA, DOA.


Deviations from the normal procedure and special information
Permits to import prohibited plants will be given for research purposes under the approval of Director General of Agriculture by Authorized Officer (Additional Director/NPQS)

Place of the service given
Plant Quarantine Service, Canada Friendship Road, Katunayake

T.P. 011 2252029, 0112252028


  Staff officer in charge of the service
Dr. W.A.R.T. Wickramaarachchi/  Additional Director/ NPQS

Specimen of the Application and Guidelines
Through NPQS Website SCPPC NPQS

Organization Information

Department of Agriculture

Old Galaha road,
Sri Lanka.

Ms. P.Malathi
Telephones:+94 812 386484 / +94 812 388157
Fax Nos:+94 812 388333

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