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YOU ARE HERE: Home Trade, Business & Industry Approvals, Permits & Licenses Approval for the transfer of raw material or accessories between BOI approved projects.
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Granting of approval for the transfer of raw material or accessories between BOI approved projects.

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Qualifications :
Both the importer and the consignee should have signed agreements with the BOI, and should have obtained approval to import raw material and accessories.

Procedure for submitting of applications

(Places where applications could be obtained and submitted, counter and time)

Places where applications could be obtained:

The BOI website (

Application fees:
No fees charged.

Time allotted for submitting of application:

From 8.30AM to 4.15PM on public working days.
Service Charges:

1.No fees charged for approval, by the Exports Unit.

2.Rs. 385.00 is charged for approval, by the Imports Unit.

Time taken to provide services
(General and priority services)
Approximately 10 Minutes.

Required Documents:

2.No objection letters from both projects.
3.Copies of Imprort CUSDECS and Invoices.
4.Order form.

Staff Officers in-Charge of services

Designation Name Division Telephone Fax e-mail
Senior Manager Mr. Priyanga Bandara Export Unit # +94-11-2331912 +94-11-2342405
Manager Mrs. S. K. Boteju Export Unit # +94-11-2342403 +94-11-2342405
Manager Mr. A. Rajakaruna - do - +94-11-2342403 +94-11-2342405
Assistant Manager Mrs. S. Ranatunga - do - +94-11-2331909, +94-11-2331910
Ext. 539
+94-11-2342405 -

# Export Unit,Investor Services Department,
Board of Investment of Sri Lanka,
No. 14, Sir Baron Jayathilake Mawatha,
Colombo 01.

Exceptional and special circumstances

Granting of the approval would depend on the nature of the request.

Specimen application form
(Annex an application form)
Application form number 07

Perfected specimen application form (Annex a perfected application form)
Not attached herewith, as the information are confidential.

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