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FCRDI-Field crops: Soil Testing Service

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Who can obtain the service:
All the farmers are entitled to take the service. Requesting procedure:
Farmer should request the Agriculture Instructor(AI) attached to Provincial Agriculture Department or Inter Provincial Extension Service in his / her area.

Activities after the request:
Field inspection by the AI

Payment for the service:
Charge per sample: Rs. 290/= Payment to: In favour of?the Director General of Agriculture by a cheque or money order Payment at: Post office / Banks

Soil sample collection:
By the AI from the field (AIs have been given the instructions regarding proper soil sampling)

Obtaining necessary information:
The AI takes necessary information from the farmer in the specific format provided and label the soil sample with the given label.

Submitting the soil sample for testing:
The AI hands over the soil sample to the soil laboratory through the Director / Deputy Director of the Institute. Soil sample preparation for testing at the Laboratory and testing for following Soil parameters only: pH, Electrical Conductivity (EC), Available Phosphorus content, Exchangeable Potassium content, Organic matter content, Texture Reports produced: Soil test report, Soil test based fertilizer recommendation report with necessary instructions on soil fertility management

Time taken for issuing the reports:
3-4 weeks after receiving the soil sample by the soil laboratory

Staff officer Incharge of the service:
Research Officer of the Soil Fertility Division, FCRDI, Mahailuppallama.
TP: 0252249132 Email:

Sending the reports:
The reports are sent to the farmer and the AI by post.

Organization Information

Department of Agriculture

Old Galaha road,
Sri Lanka.

Ms. P.Malathi
Telephones:+94 812 386484 / +94 812 388157
Fax Nos:+94 812 388333

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