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Legal Aid for Elders

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Elders Desk

Nearly 2.3 million of Sri Lanka’s population is senior citizens who have surpassed 60 years of age. This number constitutes about 1/5 of the total voting population of Sri Lanka. The elderly who have gained wide knowledge and immense experience is the greatest resource of a country. It can be used wisely towards the development of the country.To visit the internally displaced persons in their camps.

Protection of Rights of Elders,’ Act No.9 of 2000 enacted with all party support was the first attempt to recognize the challenges forced by senior citizens. The Law however, established the National Council of Elders to organize over 6500 village elders societies and provide them with service resources to develop self employment programs. Village based elders societies could be considered a success as they have generated programs on their own. However, organization of elder’s societies has to be restructured so that the wealth, experience and talent lying unused with elders are harnessed for the development of our country. As elders respect human values more than the globalized middle aged people, they should be harnessed as teachers in pre-schools like in many other countries.

The Elders’ Desk of the Legal Aid Commission was set up mainly for the following purposes:-

  • To provide free legal advice regarding maintenance, accident claims, loss of property, pension and fundamental rights of destitute elders.
  • To lead counseling service centering ‘Elders’ Homes’ and ‘Day Centers’ in view of educating Grama Niladharies, Social Service Officers and school children on elders’ rights and elders, law.
  • To launch joint programs in collaboration with the National Secretariat for elders and the People's Bank.
  • To help win the rights guaranteed to elders under the Protection of Elders Rights Act No.9 of 2000.

The Head of the Elders’ Desk is Piyumi Kumari, Attorney-at-Law who coordinates with the National Secretariat for Elders and conduct awareness programs. She is also responsible for advising destitute elders regarding their rights who are subjected to abuse and violence purely due to their old age.


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Organization Information

Legal Aid Commission of Sri Lanka

No 129,
Hulftsdorp Street,
Colombo 12.

Ms. Harshini Balaharuwa
Fax Nos:0094-11-2433618

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