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Report Human Rights violations

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Human Rights Bureau

This bureau was set up in the year 2005 under the directions of the Hon. Chairman of the Legal Aid Commission with the mandate to promote fundamental right litigation. The functions of the Bureau were further expanded with the introduction of the ICCPR Act and now, it is contemplating initiating actions under the ICCPR Act.� In addition the Bureau is engaged in the following activities;

  • Provide Human Rights counseling
  • Conduct awareness programmes for Police Officers
  • Publish materials on human rights
  • Organize legal aid clinics
  • Co-ordinate with Institutions involved in human rights activities

The main significance of the Bureau lies in the fact that the Supreme Court Rules specifically recognizes the Legal Aid Commission as an Institution to refer allegations of fundamental rights violations received by the Supreme Court Registry. Once a reference is made, it becomes the responsibility of the Commission to take necessary steps to proceed with the case. The Commission entered in to an MOU with the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka and coordinated with the Human Rights Commission to promote human right litigation.


At present there is one permanent legal officer, Uma Wijesinghe, in charge of the bureau.

Contact- 0112433618 ext 808


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Organization Information

Legal Aid Commission of Sri Lanka

No 129,
Hulftsdorp Street,
Colombo 12.

Ms. Harshini Balaharuwa
Fax Nos:0094-11-2433618

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