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Obtaining a Training Program on Cultivation, Processing and Marketing of Betel

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Obtaining a Training Program on Betel Cultivation, Processing and Marketing?

Who can apply:
Betel Farmers, Farmer Groups or Community Based Organizations who are interested in learning recommended methods of cultivation, proessing and marketing of betel

Nature of the Service:
Training is given at the Intercropping and Betel Research Station at Narammala. Training classes and practical sessions are conducted by the Research Officer In-Charge and Research and Development Assistants. Usually one day programs are conducted.?
How to apply for the service:
Request by a letter, Fax, TP call or by personelly visiting the Extension Officer based at the nearest Agrarian Service Centre (only on wednesdays 8.30 a.m - 4.15 p.m) or request to the District Assistant Director.
Requests can also be made to the Research Officer-In Charge, Intercropping and Betel Research Station, Dampalassa, Narammala

Fees payable to obtain the service:
At free of charge

Time taken to provide the Service:
Approximately Within three months after the request

Responsible Officers and contact information:
Dr. H.A Rathnasoma, Research Officer In-Charge, Intercropping and Betel Resarch Station
Assistant Director/Export Agriculture of the district
Extention Officer of the Area

(Contact information is given in the home page)

Organization Information

Department of Export Agriculture

Sirimavo Bandaranayake Mawatha,

Mr. Aruna Disanayaka
Telephones:+94 812 388651, +94 81 2386018, +94 81 2386019
Fax Nos:0812388738

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