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Energy Efficiency Labeling Scheme for electrical appliances

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Energy Labeling Scheme

Guidelines and procedures for energy efficiency rating


Engineering Standardization Division of Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI), operates the Energy Efficiency Labeling Scheme for electrical appliances based on the relevant Sri Lanka Standards for energy efficiency rating of appliances.

The Institution offers this scheme to importers and manufacturers of electrical appliances to join on a voluntary basis.

2. Energy Efficiency Standards

Availability of Sri Lanka Standards for Energy Efficiency Labelling is a prior requirement to operate this scheme.Specification for the label and the method of determination of star rating are specified in SLS 1200 for Magnetic Ballasts and SLS 1225 for Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL’s). The project on labelling of Refrigerators and Freezers will commence shortly.

3. Energy Efficiency Label

3.1 The Energy Efficiency Label shall have the dimensions, format and all the information prescribed in the relevant Sri Lanka Standard.

3.2 Depending on the energy loss / consumption / conversion efficiency of an appliance the efficiency rating shall be determined and designated by a number of stars as per the relevant Sri Lanka Standard. The highest efficiency-rating category of appliances may be assigned with five stars and as the efficiency lowers a lesser number of stars will be assigned. The greater the number of stars the higher the efficiency rating of an appliance.

4. Application

4.1 A manufacturer or an importer shall make an application in respect of each model/type of the appliance. If the same model/type is manufactured in factories in different locations a separate application shall be made in respect of each location and the model/type.

4.2 In case of imports, the applicant shall be the sole agent for the model/type of the appliance for which the application is made for Energy Efficiency Labelling.

4.3 Duly completed application form shall be forwarded to the Director (Engineering), Sri Lanka Standards Institution.

5. Testing of sample

5.1 Random Samples drawn from the manufacturer / importer shall be tested to find out the efficacy, power factor of each model of lamps energy loss / consumption as per the relevant Sri Lanka Standard by the SLSI laboratory or any other recognized laboratory.

6. Certificatoin

6.1 The Director (Engineering) or his delegate shall determine the star rating, of an appliance, based on the test report and the method given in the relevant Sri Lanka Standard.

6.2 Before awarding a certificate the applicant shall sign an agreement with the SLSI.

6.3 The certificate shall be issued under the signature of the Director General, SLSI, authorizing the applicant to affix/display the label as prescribed in the certificate, on his/her product.

6.4 The certificate shall be valid for a period of three years from the date of issue of the certificate unless otherwise specified.

6.5 When the applicant has lodged a number of applications in respect of number of locations he shall be issued separate certificates in respect of each model/type of the appliance manufactured at different locations.

7. Surveillance Inspection

7.1 The SLSI from time to time obtain samples of the product for testing from the market / manufacturer / importer.

7.2 The certificate holder shall arrange for the product in batches and for the containers used, if any to be marked in the manner acceptable to the Institution, in order that any particular sample of the product may be traced to its batch. The definition of the batch, details of batch identification, decoding system of the batch identification etc. should be made available to the Institution by the certificate holder.

8. Certification Fees

8.1 The certificate holder shall pay a fee of LKR 500/= for the application form, and a certification fee of LKR 5000/= at the time of issue of the certificate.

8.2 The manufacturer/importer shall bear the cost of testing fee and the cost of collection of samples at the initial testing and during the period of the validity of the certificate.

9. Printing of Labels

9.1 The label shall be printed by the manufacturer/ importer.

9.2 Detailed information, with respect to the number of labels used serial numbers of the appliances on which the labels are used shall be made available to SLSI, to prevent misuse of labels by any party.

9.3 The label shall always be used with the type/model of the product with a distinctive registered trademark / brand name as prescribed in the certificate issued to the manufacturer or the importer

Energy label certificates issued

Organization Information

Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI)

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Elvitigala Mawatha,
Colombo 08,
Sri Lanka.

(Victoria Place is the lane adjoining the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission)

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Telephones:+94 11 2 671 567 - 72
Fax Nos:+94 11 2 671 579

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