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  Required Forms     Rubber Land Registration
Registration of ownership of rubber lands and changes

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  • Registration of ownership

1. Lands previously not registered under the Rubber Control Act

2. Should bare Rubber plantation

  • Changes of ownership
Lands registered under the Rubber Control Act but ownership changed
Documents Needed
  • Land owned by heritage - A Pedigree and the consent of the other partners
  • Purchased or a Rewarded land by a deed -The Deed
  • A leased Private land - The deed of leasing
  • A land owned by a Testimony case order-The courts order
  • Land owned by a lease agreementof the Land Reform commission-The lease agreement
  • Crown lands owned under any Development scheme - The deed or the permit

Time of forwarding application

From 8.30am to 3.30pm on Working days by Hand�or Registered post to the Regional Office of the relevant district

Organization Information

Department of Rubber Development

No. 465,

Telephones:+9411 288 94 47
Fax Nos:+9411 288 94 84

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