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L.L. permit to a Jayabhumi / Swarnabhumi grant
Legal Activities of National Housing Development Authority
NDT Inspection Services
Obtain of Grants for the Permits Issued to the Middle Class
Obtain of Grants to Buddhist Temples which are Presently Developed
Obtain of Grants Without Conditions to the people Who had been Issued with Grants with Conditions
Obtain of Instruments of Disposition
Obtain of Long Term Lease Bonds for Residential Purpose
Obtain of Ranbima Grant
Obtain Serviced Land Plots for Construction of Houses.
Obtaining a Government Land Free of Charge
Obtaining Free Government Land Developed Unauthorized
Obtaining Housing Grants for Poorest of the Poor Families
Obtaining Permits for Transporting Furniture
Pay Valued Amount of Acquired Lands
Permitting Mortgaging, Transferring Instruments of Disposition
Provide House to the Plantation Community
Registration of Documents
Sale of Houses
Survey Activities

Planning & Building Regulations
ICTA Awards

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