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pictureComplaints & Grievances
Change of Address of an office of a registered Trade Union
Change of constitution of a registered Trade Union
Complain About Any Rape Cases or Child Abuse
Complain Regarding a Child Used as Servant or Laborer
Complain Relating to Missing Driving Licenses
Complain Relating to Missing NIC and Electronic Equipments.
Complain Relating to Missing Passports.
Complaints Directed to the Crime Branch
Complaints on Foreign Posts
Contact details
Dissolution of a registered Trade Union
Handling of complaints of wrongfully obtained Samurdhi relief
Investigation into Loss of Ordinary Letters in the Post
Make Complaints on Consumer Affairs
Notifying on Accidents
SCPPC-Seed Certification: Conducting inquiries on complaints against seed or planting materials
SCPPC-Seed Certification: Conducting post control verification trials against complaints
Taking action an Industrial Disputes

Consumer Protection
Legislature & Executive
Legal Assistance
Law & Order
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