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An organization in Sri Lanka Requesting a Clearance Certificate of a Potential Employee
Assisting investigating child abuse complaints
Conducting Market Investigations and Raids
Criminal Prosecutions
Examining Motor Accidents
Extracts of Complaints for Minor Disputes
Filing action by legal division in terms of the urban development act
Conducting Inquiries in Terms of Sections 13(4) and 32(b) in order to Grant Redress to Consumer
Legal Activities of National Housing Development Authority
Legal Protection for Songs
Obtain Vital Statistical Information
Obtaining of Gun / Air Gun/ Explosive Permits for the First Time
Obtaining of Loud Speaker Permits
Obtaining of Procession Permits
Payment of Motor Vehicle Fines
Preparation of agreements by the legal division in terms of the urban development act
Preparation of deeds by the legal division in terms of the urban development authority act
Protective and Promotion of Human Rights Legally, Practically and on Principle
Removal of unauthorized constructions
Requesting Clearance Certificate Sri Lankan Living in Sri Lanka to Seek Employment Abroad
Obtain Clearance Certificate by Sri Lankan Living Abroad Seek Employment in the Country
Requesting for Renewal of Gun Permit on a yearly basis
Survey Activities

Consumer Protection
Legislature & Executive
Legal Assistance
Complaints & Grievances
ICTA Awards

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