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pictureChild Care
Accident and animal bite casualty care for children
Out patient medical and surgical care for children
Ad Hoc Aids for Child Development / Day Care Centers
Cancer (oncological) care for children
Cardiothoracic surgical care for children
Child Guidance / Psychiatric care for children
Co-ordinating between the Provincial Probation and Probation and Child Care Services
Complain About Any Rape Cases or Child Abuse
Dental care for children
Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) care for children
Eye (Opthalmology) care for children
General medical care for children
General surgical care for children
Heart (cardiology) care for children
Child Immunization service
Kidney (nephrology) care for children
Language and speech therapy service for children
Neurology care for children
Occupational Therapy service for children
Orthopaedic care for children
Physiotherapy service for children
Plastic surgical care for children
Programme for Schooling of Non-School Going Children
Programmes for Financial Assistance for Twins and Payment of medical Assistance
Rheumatological care for children
Skin (dermatology) care for children

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Social Service
Family Planning & Education

Grants, Subsidies & Other Assistance
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