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Obtain Legal Aid Common Procedure

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  • Submit the Completed form issued by the Legal Aid Commission certified the income level from the Grama Niladari and reconfirmed by the divisional secretariat
  • As per the form if the applicants monthly income is Not more than Rs. 6000, lawyer assistance will be provided free of charge
  • If a lawyer refuses to represent any person in courts, lawyer assistance will be provided at that instance.

Support documents

  • Grama seva Certificate
  • Relevant documents for the court case

Submission Procedure

  • Arriving at the legal aid commission
  • Obtaining application
  • Certify the completed form at Grama Niladari and the divisional Secretariat
  • Notification of the individual’s problem to the director
  • If legal assistance could be provided filing will begin
  • A registration number and a card is issued to the service recipient
  • The recipient will be directed to a lawyer
  • Beginning of court procedure
  • Advice given regarding progress report of the court case


  • Working days: Monday to Friday - 8.30am to 4.30 pm
  • Holidays: All government holidays and mercantile holidays

Any applicant for Legal Aid may do so by contacting any Branch of the Legal Aid Commission by post or over telephone

Time line depends on the category of the court case.

Submission timeline

  • Step 1:Obtain applications any working day
  • Step 2:Submit applications any working day


  • This service is free of charge
  • Registration Fee Rs.200/-except maintanance matters.

Special Cases:

In court cases regarding land ownership conflicts surveyors cost and Court fees should be Borne by the recipient.

Testamentary and Partition Cases :

No Legal Aid

Filing Procedure

  • Calling at the Legal Aid Commission
  • Presentation of the legal problem and seeking legal advise thereon
  • Where there is a possibility of obtaining legal assistance for the problem concerned, the issue of an application seeking such assistance
  • Submission of the duly filled application for legal assistance with the certification of the Grama Niladhari
  • Submission of the client’s problem to the attention of the Director
  • Opening of the file
  • Issue of a registration number and a card in respect of the file to the client.
  • Assignment of the file to a lawyer for necessary action
  • Commencement of proceedings
  • Progress review of the case concerned and the provision of necessary instructions,

For Lawyers:

Panel Lawyers

Lawyers may seek registration upon submission to our office the application for the purpose of obtaining membership of the Panel of Lawyers of the Legal Aid Commission. Anyone registered as an Attorney-at-Law may get registered for this purpose.The Legal Aid Commission will provide opportunities to the registered Attorneys-at-Law to appear before courts for the purpose of proceedings therein.

Organization Information

Legal Aid Commission of Sri Lanka

No 129,
Hulftsdorp Street,
Colombo 12.

Ms. Harshini Balaharuwa
Fax Nos:0094-11-2433618

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