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  Required Forms     DOP APCC
Requesting a Clearance Certificate by a Sri Lankan, Who is Living Abroad to Seek Employment in the Country He/She is Residing.

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Step 1 : Applicant has obtain an application form from the Sri Lankan Mission in the country he/she is residing.
Step 2 : The Sri Lanka Mission forwards the application and the payment to the Department of Police Headquarters in Sri Lanka.
Step 3 : The Police Headquarters in Sri Lanka, refers the application and requests the local police station from where the applicant hails to produce a clearance report.
Note 01 : If the applicant has resided in several locations in Sri Lanka prior to his visit abroad, the Police Headquarters requests the relevant police Stations where the applicant resided to produce a clearance report .
Step 4 : The Police headquarters also refers the application to the CID, Director of Internal Intelligence and the National Identity Card Department for verification
Step 5 : On satisfactory terms the Police Headquarters issues the clearance certificate for the applicant via the Sri Lankan Mission.
Note : Countries like United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, United States of America and New Zealand request a clearance certificate of the Applicant for the last 10 years from the day he/she left Sri Lanka.
For Applicant residing in countries other than that listed above, the Officer in Charge of the local police station (Sri Lanka) from where the applicant hailed can issue the Clearance Certificate.
Reference : Police Public Relations Division

Qualification Criteria
A Sri Lankan citizen seeking employment in Sri Lanka or abroad

Submission Procedure
Obtain Application Form
Applicant has to obtain an application form from the Sri Lankan Mission in the country he/she is residing

Handover Application
Submit Application form to the Sri Lankan Mission in the country he / she is residing in.

Application Form

Form Name : Application for Police Clearance Certificate (DOP APCC)
Refer Draft Application Form (DOP APCCDraft)
Note 01: Application form is issued by the Police Headquarters.
Note 02 : No application forms are issued at the respective Police Stations, the Applicants are requested to submit a hand written request letter to the Officer in Charge of respective Police Station at the time of submission.
Note : This is a copy of the clearance certificate (DOP APCC) issued by a respective police station. Example Kirulapana Police Station


Process Time

Not defined by the Department

Working Hours
Contact Sri Lankan Mission for working Hours

Cost related to service
The applicant is not charged for the Application form by the Sri Lankan Mission in the country he/she is residing.

Fines and Surcharges
Not imposed for this service

Documents Required
No support documents are required

Service Responsibility
Police Headquarters : Director - Police Public Relation Division

Special Cases
Not applicable for this service

Sample form with Dummy Data
Application Form (DOP APCCDraft)

Organization Information

Department of Police

Police Head Quarters,
Colombo 01.

Mr. Lasitha Weerasekara
Telephones:+94-11-2421111 / +94-11-2327711-2-3
Fax Nos:+94-11-234553

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