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Make Complaints on Consumer Affairs

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Objective of providing this service is to assist the aggrieved consumers to settle their problems in purchasing goods or obtaining services in the market place. The Authority can inquire into complaints on goods as well as services. Authority is empowered to inquire into complaints regarding the production, manufacture, supply, storage, transportation or sale of any goods and to the supply of any services which does not conform to the standards and specifications determined by the Authority. More over Authority can inquire into complaints regarding the manufacture or sale of any goods which does not confirm to the warranty or guarantee given by implication.


  • Being a Consumer is the eligibility to obtain this service
  • Must forward the complaint within 3 months of purchasing the product or within 1 month of provision of a service

Support Documents

  • Receipts of purchased goods
  • Defective samples
  • Warranty/Guarantee card
  • Any other evidence, which supports the complaint submitted

Submission Procedure

Whose Signature should be on the Complaint:
The aggrieved party (complainant) should sign the complaint letter.

Where to Submit the Complaint:
Consumer should submit the complaint and the supportive documents (copy of the receipt, copy of the guarantee/warranty cards) to the CAA.

Whom to Submit the Complaint:
Consumer should submit the complaint and the supportive documents to the Director General of Consumer Affairs Authority.

Application Forms
There are no special application form involve in this process, aggrieved party (complainant) is welcome to forward their complaints by letters.

Step 1: Aggrieved Party (Complainant) submits the written complaint along with supportive documents to the Consumer Affairs Authority.
Step 2: Register and screen the complaints.
Step 3: Called for observation/redress from manufacturer/trader.
Step 4: Manufacturer/Trader agrees with the proposed settlements.

Note 1:
If the complaint falls within the specified time and If the Manufacturer/trader does not agree with the settlement:
Conduct an inquiry and issue order to the respondent.

Note 2:
If the Manufacturer/Trader do not comply with the order:

  • File action against the respondent
  • Order is recovered as a fine

Note 3:
If the complaint does not fall within specified time:

  • Call both parties for a negotiation discussion.
  • Authority intervenes to reach an amicable settlement.

Time Line
The process time line:
The process time varies with the nature of the complaint.

Submission Time Line:
Working days - Monday - Friday
Counter open hours -? 8:30 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.
Holidays - Public & Mercantile Holidays

Validity Time Line:
Products - within 3 months of purchasing the Product
Services - within 1 month of provision if the service

Cost Related to the Services
Cost: Entire cost is born by the Authority.
Fee: Fee is not charged from the Complainant
Penalties: No penalties
Surcharges: There are no additional costs related in obtaining this service

Special Cases
There are no special cases involved in this service.

Organization Information

Consumer Affairs Authority

Consumer Affairs Authority
1st& 2nd floor,
CWE Secretariat Building,
No: 27,
Vauxhall Street,
Colombo 02.

Mrs.MMSK Karunaratne
Telephones:011-7755456-7, 011-7755475 Consumer Complaint 011-7755481-3
Fax Nos:011-2399148 /

Make a Complaint
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