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Complain Regarding a Child Used as Servant or Laborer

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Step 1 : The complainer has to inform the Women and Child Abuse Division about case via a phone call, letter or visit the respective division.
Step 2 : The police officers verifies the complain by visiting the locality of the complainer.
Note : The police can inspect the place without a warrant. However an officer from the department of labor must be taken or have a court order, this is done only if the relevant evidences are provided.
Step 3 : The police verifies on the suspects background and if needed can take the suspect to custody.
Step 4 : The police officer directs the suspect to a court case

Qualification Criteria
The victim should be below the age of 14

Submission Procedure
Inform Women and Child Abuse Division
The complainer can inform about the case by phone call, letter or visit the Women and Child Bureau

Working Hours :
Division & Police Station
24 /7 / 365 days

Documents required :
Birth certificate of victim

Application Form
No application forms for this service

Time line
Process Time Line
Differs based on the situation

Validity Time Line
•Within 24 hours the suspect (s) should be forward to the courts.
•If it’s a child abuse case the suspect (s) can be kept in custody for72 hours with the court permission.

Working Hours
Women and Child Abuse Bureau and Police Station
24/7/365 days

Cost related to the service

There are no costs related to this service.

Fines and Surcharges
Not defined by the department

Support documents required
Birth certificate of victim

Service Responsibility Matrix
Women and Child Bureau ( Police Headquarters )
ASP (Assistant superintendent of Police)

Police Station
OIC of Women and Child division in of police station
OIC of Police station

Special cases
The child will be taken into the child protection authority & statements taken
from the child will be captured on tape.

Awareness programs conducted for students, Gramaseva offices, Samurdi
offices, Teachers, Nurses, and Employees of trade zone.

Sample form with dummy data
There is no application form to be filled by the victim

Organization Information

Department of Police

Police Head Quarters,
Colombo 01.

Mr. Lasitha Weerasekara
Telephones:+94-11-2421111 / +94-11-2327711-2-3
Fax Nos:+94-11-234553

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