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Objection on Inclusion of a Name

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Step 1: Applicants can check the list of registered voters ("A" List and "B" List) displayed at the district office and post offices, to verify the inclusion of names.
Step 2: If a person wants to make an objection on inclusion of a name of another person, request the particular form from the same place to make an objection.
Step 3: Fill the form and submit it to the assistant commissioner of elections (District level) / Registration officer / Grama niladari.
Step 4: The objector and objectec are is called for an interview by the same person who receives the objection form Assistant (commissioner of elections (District level) / Registration officer) once the form is submitted. The objector must provide support documents to prove the grounds for the objection during the interview. objectee may prove his alibility for registration at the inquiry
Step 5: The objector are informed about the decision, which is made by the examiner (Assistant commissioner of elections (District level) / Registration officer)
Step 6: After such amendments electoral registers are retyped and prepared for certification during the month of May in the following year.
Step 7: Prepared electoral registers are open to the public and valid for all elections that will take place thereafter until the next register is certified

Note 1: If the objection is rejected the objector can appeals to the particular District Judge within 10 days.

Note 2: The inquiry is handled by the District Judge and makes decision.

Note 3: If the District Judge accepts the objection, the particular person’s name will be deleted from the registration list. If not, the objection will be rejected.


  1. Objector should be qualified for registration at the revision of the electoral register.
  2. Objector should be qualified for registration in the electoral register, where the objective also has been claimed for registration.
  3. Objection should be submitted in writing substantially in term B in the schedule to the relevant enactment to the relevant registering officer in due period.

Submission procedure
Step 1: Application forms can be obtained from the district office and post offices
Step 2: The Filled application form should be submitted to the Assistant Commissioner of election (district level) / Registration officer / Grama Niladari

Application forms

Form Number / Name Description
BC Form Revision of Electoral Register Form that distribute among chief occupants by enumerators for furnishing details of residenly qualified for registration
A Form Application form to be submitted by a person on inclusion or keeping own name on the electoral Register
B Form Application form to be submitted by a claimer on behalf of another person on into the new register the second opportunity.
C Form Form that has to be submitted for making an objection on inclusion a name.
D Form

Form that has to be submitted for making an objection on inclusion a name a claimant.

Time Line
Process Time Line
28 days during the month of November/December

Submission Time Line
Step 1: Exhibition of "A" and "B" lists.

  • Working days – 28 days in November/December
  • Holidays – all Public and Mercantile Days

Step 2: Holding inquiries into claims and objections.

  • Working days – From 15th of December to 15th of January of the following year.
  • Working hours – 9.00 am to 12.00 noon and 1.30 pm to 4.00pm
  • Holidays – all Public and Mercantile Days

Step 3: Typing the electors' names on stencils and checking the same.

  • Working days – From 15th of January to 15th of April.
  • Working hours – 9.00 am to 12.00 noon and 1.30 pm to 4.00pm
  • Holidays – all Public and Mercantile Days

Step 4: Ronewing the stencils and binding copies of registers.

  • Working days – From 01st of February to 25th of May.
  • Working hours – 9.00 am to 12.00 noon and 1.30 pm to 4.00pm
  • Holidays – all Public and Mercantile Days

Validity Time Line
Objections for registration may be proffered to the registering officer (District Secretary/Government Agent) only within the period of such exhibit (28 days).

Costs related to the service
Cost: All services are provided free of charge
Fee: Free
Penalties: None


  • If the voter is unable to submit his/her election registration form there will be no fine or surcharge, nevertheless that individual looses his/her chance to vote for at an elections until the next revision take place.
  • According to the Section 12(4) of registration of electors Act, No. 44 of 1988

Every person who, fails to give required information to the registering officer or to any person appointed by the registering officer for the purpose, or willfully gives any false information shall be guilty of an offence and shall, on conviction before a magistrate, be liable to a fine not exceeding five hundred rupees, or to imprisonment of either description for a term not exceeding one month or to both such fine and imprisonment

Supporting documents required
No support documents are required for registration of voters.

If anyone wants to make a complain after submitting a complain form, the individual will be called for an interview. For this interview the following support documents will be required.

  1. Birth certificate
  2. National identity card
  3. Declaration statement from Grama Niladari

Service Responsibility Matrix

Service Designation of Responsible Person Name of person Name of Division
Registration of voter Registering officer of the electorate. Responsible officer vary according to the Gramaniladari Division, Electoral District & Administrative District. Gramaniladari Division/Administration District/Electorate

Special Cases
How can a voter register his/her name in the registration list in case of relocation?
Under such a circumstance, special facilities or opportunities are not provided to the applicant. The applicant would be able to register under the address during the revision of electoral registers, which is done annually commencing from 1st of June of each year.

Organization Information

Election Commission

P.O. Box 02,
Sarana Mawatha,

Mr. S. Ekenayake
Telephones:0112868441 | 0112868442 | 0112868443
Fax Nos:0112868426

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