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Investigations on Anti-competitive Practices

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This service is provided by the Consumer Affairs Authority in order to prevent anticompetitive practices within Sri Lanka.

An Anti-competitive Practice can be Described as:
When a person / a group of people - in the course of business - pursues a conduct which has or is intended to have the effect of restricting, distorting or preventing the competition in connection with the productions, supply or acquisition of goods or the supply or securing of services.

Any trader, trader or organization of traders or an association of traders has the eligibility of applying for this service by forwarding complaints against anticompetitive practices.

Support Documents

  • Agreements
  • Production of documents or records.
  • Invoices

Submission Procedure
All the complaints should be forwarded to the Director General of the Consumer Affairs Authority.

Application Forms
There is no standard format for applying for this service. Applicants are welcome to apply through a letter certified by the applicant.

Step 1: Applicant forwards the complaint to the Authority/Authority performs investigations on its own motion.
Step 2: Authority summons the witnesses for an investigation on the issue.
Step 3: Opportunity is given to applicant/s for oral evidence and producing evidence at the  investigation.
Step 4: Authority comes to conclusion on the investigation

If the investigation proves the existence of the anti-competitive practices, the Authority makes an application to the Council.
Where an application is made to the council as the case may be, it shall be the duty of the council to make its determination on such application within one month of its receipt.

Time Line
Process Time Line:
The Authority may take 100 days for investigative process. Council takes 1 month to make its determination.

Submission Time Line:
Working Days - Monday to Friday
Open Hours -8;30 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.
Holidays Public Holidays & Mercantile Holidays

Validity Time Line:
Not applicable

Cost Related to the Services
No cost related to this service.

Organization Information

Consumer Affairs Authority

Consumer Affairs Authority
1st& 2nd floor,
CWE Secretariat Building,
No: 27,
Vauxhall Street,
Colombo 02.

Mrs.MMSK Karunaratne
Telephones:011-7755456-7, 011-7755475 Consumer Complaint 011-7755481-3
Fax Nos:011-2399148 /

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