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How to Implement Environmental Recommendation Procedure

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Environmental Recommendation (ER) has been introduced for any prescribed activity/industry which is not subject to Environmental Impact Assessment which is a legal requirement under NEA.
ER is a conditional document /letter issued by CEA.
CEA advises to obtain ER to any prescribed activity/industry which is not subject to Environmental Impact Assessment.

How to Apply

Duly filled application has to be submitted to the relevant office of the CEA.

How to get an Application

Available at any office of the Central Environmental Authority (CEA) and can be downloaded from the

Application Process

  • Obtaining an application from the CEA Head Office and CEA Provincial/District Offices
  • Submission of the duly filled application form to the CEA.
  • If the application form is duly filled and relevant documents submitted, a written request will be made to the applicant to pay the inspection fee.
  • After the payment of the Inspection fee, a field inspection will be carried out by CEA
  • If the site could be recommended, Environmental Recommendation is issued to the Municipal Commissioner /Chairman of the relevant Local Authority with conditions to mitigate the possible environmental pollution. A copy of the Environmental Recommendation will be sent to the applicant and to any other organizations/firms if related.

Application Fee

Free of charge.

Office Hours

From 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. on any working days (weekdays). Local authorities have their own working hours.

Fees Payable

Inspection Fee:

  • Minimum amount is LKR 3393.60 and Maximum amount is LKR 11,312.00 (with Government approved tax)

Processing Time

1 months if everything is up to standards and all information and fees are provided on time.

Required Documents

  • survey plan of the site,
  • building plan if any,
  • route sketch of the proposed site from the nearest town

Organization Information

Central Environmental Authority

Denzil Kobbekaduwa Mawatha,

Telephones:011-7877277, 7877278, 7877279, 7877280
Fax Nos:011-2888999

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