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Sri Lanka Railways

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Sri Lanka Railway operates as a government department under the provisions of Railway Ordinance Chapter of legal enactments


  • To acquire and maintain assets related to rail track, bridges, buildings and other structures
  • To acquire and maintain assets related to a fleet of rolling stock consist of locomotives, Diesel Multiple Units, Passenger Carriages and Freight Wagons
  • To acquire and maintain assets related to Signaling and Telecommunication System
  • To provide train service for the movement of people and goods on the railway network ie.
  1. Day to day Commuter services
  2. Long distance passenger services
  3. Intercity Express service
  4. Freight services
  • To maintain ancillary supporting services for the management of train service i.e. Administration, procurement, accounting, information systems and security

Contact Details :
Sri Lanka Railways
P.O. Box 355,
Railway Head Quarters,
Colombo 10.

Tel: +94-11-2421281, +94-11-2431177
Fax: +94-11-2446490

Organization Information

Ministry of Transport and Highways

7th Floor,
Stage II,

Telephones:0112 187 200 / 0112 187 201
Fax Nos:0112 865 093 / 0112 187 226

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