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Department of Motor Traffic

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The Department of Motor Traffic was established in 1928 with a view of performing the functions stipulated under the Motor Traffic Act. Its functions assigned under the Act are:


  • The registration and transfer of ownership of motorized vehicles in terms of the regulations under the MTA.
  • The licensing of drivers of motor vehicles on certification of competence.
  • The monitoring of the operation of vehicles in terms of road worthiness and pollution.
  • The investigation of vehicles involved in road accidents.
  • Updating the regulations with respect to standards in the registration and operation of all motorized vehicles.
  • The collection of relevant taxes based on motor vehicle

Contact Details :
Department of Motor Traffic
No. 341,
Alvitigala Mawatha,

Website :-

Tel: +94-11-2694331 / +94-11-2694332 / +94-11-2694333 / +94-11-2694334 / +94-11-2694335
Fax: +94-11-11-2694338

Organization Information

Ministry of Transport and Highways

7th Floor,
Stage II,

Telephones:0112 187 200 / 0112 187 201
Fax Nos:0112 865 093 / 0112 187 226

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