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Extending Validity of Driving License
Import of Vehicles on Foreign Earnings - Unit 2
Import of Vehicles Under Gift Scheme - Unit 2
Importation of Body Shells - Unit 2
Helicopter, Air Craft and Spare Parts - Unit 2
Importation of Used Motor Cycles and Cars for Re-export After Repairing - Unit 2
Importation of Vehicles Under the Gift Scheme for Organizations - Unit 2
Importing Vehicles
Obtaining a Certification for Driving License
Obtaining a Driving License Card in Replacement of an Old License Booklet
Obtaining a Duplicate of a Driving License
Obtaining a New Driving License
Obtaining a New Driving License with Amended Names / Addresses / Classes
Obtaining a Temporary Driving License
Obtaining Assistance in Filling Insurance Forms
Obtaining Fine Receipts and Payments
PMU - Functions and Services
Registering a New Motor Vehicle
Registration of Transfer of Motor Vehicle
Renewal of Vehicle License Through Divisional Secretariat
Renewing of Driving License

Registrations - Industrial
Registrations - Establishments
Approvals, Permits & Licenses
Assistance, Training & Development
Loans, Funds & Incentive Schemes
Extensions & Other Services
Transport Services
Regulation of Trade
Trade Promotion
ICTA Awards

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