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Protective and Promotion of Human Rights Legally, Practically and on Principle

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  • Investigation and examination of violations of Human Rights
  • Regular inspection of places of detention and regularization of welfare of detainees
  • Regularization of welfare of detainees by means of undertaking research on Human Rights problems.
  • Under taking research on Human Rights Problems and educating the public on Human Rights

Person concerned should be a citizen of Sri Lanka whose fundamental rights have been violated by an executive or administrative act.

Who can make a complaint to the Commission?

  1. An aggrieved person / group of persons or
  2. Any person or group of persons representing the aggrieved person/ group of persons

Process of Making a Complaint
Party concerned may call over at the Head Office or regional office and hand over the written complaint or make the complaint on the from available at the office. Complaints can also be make by a letter, by fax or over the telephone. On receipt of the complaint, the Commission will allocate a reception number.

Places from where Applications can be Obtained : From the Head office or regional office.

Fees Payable for obtaining Applications : No fee is charged.

Hours for Submission : During office hours or calling the hotline number.

Fees Payable for Obtaining the Service : No fee is charged.

Time Required to Provide the Service : Depends on the nature of the complaint

Supporting Documents Required

  • Affidavits
  • Oral evidence
  • Written evidence

Staff Officers in charge of the Service

Designation Name Division Telephone No. Fax E-mail
Additional Secretary Nimal Punchihewa Legal +94-112-694925 +94-112-694924 -
Director Samantha Jayamanna Education and Special Programmes +94-112-674200 +94-112-694924 -
Director Thilani Rajapaska Supervision and Review +94-112-673806 +94-112-694924 -

Make a Complaint
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