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SCPPC - Obtaining Technical Services on Plant Protection Activities (Fumigation Service and Counseling Service)

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Process of submitting applications.
(Places from where applications can be obtained, Place, Counter and time at which applications can be submitted.)

Places from where application forms can be obtained.
Forms are not provided. Written applications may be referred to

Deputy Director,
Plant Conservation Service,
Gannoruwa, Peradeniya.

Fees payable for obtaining application forms.
Time for submission of applications.
Fees payable for obtain the service
Charges vary according to the services performed. (Private sector)
Eg. Chargers are decided upon the quantity, stock, variety, distance etc.

Time taken to providing the service.(Ordinary service and Priority service)
Within a minimum period of 4 days after making the request.

Staff Officers in charge of the service.


Designation Name Division Telephone No. Fax E-mail
?A.D.A Mr. T. Liyanage Fumigation +94-812-388316 +94-812-388316
Controller of water weeds P.T. Bandara Weed control +94-812-388316 +94-812-388316 pjpsdoasl@sltnet.lk3
Controller of Insects M.U.R. Jayasundara Insect control +94-812-388316 +94-812-388316

Exceptions or Instances outside the above requirements and special information
Generally by means of other duties assigned by the Deputy Director.
Specimen application form
Perfected specimen application

Organization Information

Department of Agriculture

Old Galaha road,
Sri Lanka.

Ms. P.Malathi
Telephones:+94 812 386484 / +94 812 388157
Fax Nos:+94 812 388333

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