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SCPPC-Pesticides: Registration of Pesticides

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Registration of Pesticide

 Services Provided

Registration of new Pesticides

Re-Registration of Pesticides

Third Party Registration



Applicant should be a Sri Lankan citizen. If it is a cooperate venture, it should be registered under the company registration Act


Process of submitting application

Application can be downloaded from the web site , or collected from the Seed Certification & Plant Protection Centre; Office of the Registrar of Pesticides (OROP) Necessary documentation is described in detail in the guideline of the application of registration of pesticides.

Fees payable to obtain the service

Application for registration fee                       Rs. 6500/=

Registration of pesticide fee                           Rs 4000/=

Re-Registration fee at the end of the 3 year   Rs 5000/=

 Time required for supply the service

For new registration – 24 weeks (After completion of Bio Efficacy Test)

Third party registration – 2 weeks

Re-Registration – 6-8 weeks


Time of Quarrying

During office hours (8.30 am – 4.15pm) Not available in Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.


Place of the service

Office of the Registrar of Pesticide, P.O. Box 49, No 1056, Gatambe, Peradeniya

Telephone: 081-2388076, Tele/Fax: 081-2388135, E mail:


 Staff Officer in charge of the services


Contact at office of the Registrar of pesticides



Office to contact for service

Pesticide Registration

Submission of application & allocation of the Number fees & Correspondance

Testing & Bio Efficacy Trails – Agro

Testing & Bio Efficacy Trails – House Hold

Evaluation of Agro pesticide

Evaluation of Industrial & Public Health Pesticides

Evaluation of General Pest Control Pesticides

Evaluation of Lapsed Products for Fresh Registration

Checking of Draft Labels & Advertisements

Approval of Labels & Advertisements




Ms Champa Magamage

Ms Indika Himali

Yoshid Lakshani

Mr Chaminda Sampath

Mr S.H.M.C.S. Kularathne

Pesticide Imports

Correspondence (Technical)

Quality Assurance  - Sample Analysis

Quality Assurance – Foreign Quality Certificate Approval


Ms B.P.N.N. Perera

Ms Champa Magamage

Mr H.M.W. Gunawardana


Certification of Pest Control Service Providers

Mr J.A. Sumith

Pesticides Information

Pesticides Analysis

Awareness & Training

Pesticides Statistics

Ms Champa Magamage

Mr S.H.M.C.S Kularathne

Mr Chaminda Sampath

Office Correspondence (Technical)

Ms.B.P.N.N Perera

Head of the Centre: Registrar of Pesticides

Dr. G.A.W. Wijesekara





Organization Information

Department of Agriculture

Old Galaha road,
Sri Lanka.

Ms. P.Malathi
Telephones:+94 812 386484 / +94 812 388157
Fax Nos:+94 812 388333

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