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Preparation of deeds by the legal division in terms of the urban development authority act

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This service is provided under Section 18(1) of the UDA Act

Presentation of tender papers

How to obtain the service
The service can be obtained by visiting the Legal Division on week days during working hours - 9.00 a.m to 4.00 p.m

Service Charge
No fees are charged for the service.When deeds are prepared, relevant stamp fees and other charges should be paid to the UDA.

Time taken to provider the service
It is possible to send the Deed for registration within 3 weeks after obtaining the particulars for the preparation of the deed and paying the fees payable to Legal Division.

Supporting documents required
1.Honorable Minister’s approval,
2.Approval of the Cabinet,
3.Approval of the Board of Management,
4.Certificate of Land Acquisition,
5.Plans and List of allotments of land,�
6.Receipt of the payment for the land

Staff Officers in charge of the service

Designation Name Section Telephone Fax Email
Director (legal) Mrs.S.Karunanayake Legal Division +94-011-2873638 +94-011-2888012

Organization Information

Urban Development Authority

6th and 7th Floors,

Telephones:011-2875916 to 2875920, 011-2873644, 011-2873647, 011-2873649, 011-2873651, 011-2873652, 011-2875333
Fax Nos:011-2872390

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