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Obtaining an Ordinary Supply Electricity Service within Colombo Municipal Limits for Domestic, Religious, General Purpose and Industrial

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Construction of building should have been completed and main wire should be available up to the point where meter is fixed.

Required documents (Certificates / letters)

1. To confirm Assessment Number, the Assessment letter issued by CMC

2. Otherwise, certificate from “Gramasevaka” to confirm the residence

3. If property under UDA, a letter from UDA

4. Electrical wiring test certificate (List of names of the Chartered Engineers who could provide this can be obtained from the relevant Area Offices)

5. A Photocopy of the National Identity Card.

Special Information

For Domestic purpose, supply can be obtained as single-phase or three-phase and for Industrial, General Purpose, supply can be obtained up to 60A. Supply demand above 60A is considered as Bulk Supply.

How to make Applications

Applications can be obtained from following places:

Electrical Engineer (Colombo North)

Ceylon Electricity Board

No 74/5 - 1/1, Grandpass Rd,

Colombo 14.

Electrical Engineer (Colombo South)

Ceylon Electricity Board

No 57/2/1, High Level Rd,


Colombo 06.

Electrical Engineer (Colombo East)

Ceylon Electricity Board

No 70/2/1, Buddhist Society Building,

Colombo 08.

Electrical Engineer (Colombo West)

Ceylon Electricity Board

No 340, R. A. De Mel Mw,

Laxman Buldg.

Colonmbo 03.

Application fee:

Applications are free

When application is filled and submitted, Rs. 250.00 should be paid

Application submission times :-

Week days - 09.00 - 14.00 hrs

Cost for obtaining service

Once the relevant application is filled and submitted, an estimate will be given

Time to provide service ( Normal and priority services)

Around two weeks.


Organization Information

Ceylon Electricity Board

No. 50,
Chittampalam A Gardiner Mawatha,
P.O.Box 540,
Colombo 02.

Telephones:0112 324 471 / 1987
Fax Nos:

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