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Pension Scheme for Journalists

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This Pension schme is provided by Ministry of Mass Media & Information and Ministry of Social Services and Social Welfare Social Security Board to offer Social Service benefit to Journalists
This comducted under the act of 2006-NO26 Social Security benefit scheme for Journalists.

Purpose: The purpose of pension scheme to offer benefits in order to their social security of Journalists in Media Institutions.

Target Groups

  • Journalists who works in a Media Institutons and
  1. A Permanent Journalists of that Media Institute or
  2. A Temperery Journalists of that Media Institute or
  3. A Free Journalists of that Media Institute.
  • Age between 18-50 Years and

Application for Pension Scheme

Re Payment of the Loan Instalment

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Name Designation Branch Telephone Intercom
Mr. Priantha Mayadunne Additional Secretary(Development & Planning) Development and Planning Branch +94-112-513943
Mr. D.D. Waniganayake Senier Assistant Secretary(dp) Development and Planning Branch +94-112-513466 149
Mrs. G.L.D. Dahanayake Dircetor Planning Development and Planning Branch +94-112-513470 157
Miss Ashika Dharmarathne Management Assistant Development and Planning Branch +94-112-513459/60 159


Organization Information

Ministry of Mass Media

No 163,
"Asisdisi Medura",
Kirulapone Avenue,

Colombo 05.

Telephones:0112513459, 0112513498, 0112512321
Fax Nos:0112513462, 0112513458, 0112513437

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