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NAICC- Visits to Agriculture Technology Parks in Gannoruwa and Batatha

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All including farmers, students, general public

Process of reservation
No need for individuals. For groups, requesting letter in advance may help to provide guided tour by Agriculture Instructors in Sinhala, English or Tamil.

Fees payable to obtain the service
For school Children Rs5/=
Children Rs 10/=
Local Adults  Rs 20/=
Foreigners Rs 200/=

Time of visiting
During day time. Instructors are available in office hours (8.30am-4.15pm) excluding Sundays

Place of the services
(i) Agriculture Technology Park, Gannoruwa, Peradeniya in Kandy district.
(ii) Agriculture Technology Park, Batatha, Hungama in Hambantota district.

Staff officers in charge of the services
(i) Agriculture Technology Park, Gannoruwa:
Contact Additional Director, Audio Visual Centre, Gannoruwa, Peradeniya Tp/fax 0812 388 618 or 0812 385 654 email:

Officer In charge: Agriculture Officer Mr. I.G.K Janaka
Head of the Centre: Director - Mr. W.A.G. Sisira Kumara

அமைப்பு பற்றிய தகவல்

விவசாயத் திணைக்களம்

விவசாயத் திணைக்களம்
பழைய கலகா வீதி

கலாநிதி. ரொஹான் விஜேகோன்
தொலைபேசி:+94-812-388 331,+94-812-388 332, +94-812-388 334
தொலைநகல் இலக்கங்கள்:+94-812388333

முறைப்பாடு செய்யவும்
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