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Maintenance of Archaeological Prohibited Lands and Maintenance of Protected Monuments

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  1. Promotion of human and institutional resources.
  2. Maintenance of archaeological prohibited lands at gardens level.
  3. Reconstruction confirmation and maintenances of protected monuments selected during the year.
  4. Providing infrastructure facilities to archaeological sites.
  5. Maintenance of buildings of the department.

The Maintenance Division contributes as follows toward fulfilling of the departmental role in accordance with the national archaeological policy.

  1. Management of promotion of human resources.
  2. Protection of archaeological sites, monuments and antiquities under the protection of archaeological heritage.
  3. Registration of archaeological monuments and maintenance of them after fixing boundaries and engaging guards.
  4. Fixing of boards at reserved archaeological sites in order to inculcate awareness in the public on archaeologicalheritage and to implement other awareness programmes.
  5. Maintenance of archaeological monuments at display level on completion of conservation work.


  1. Maintenance of worksites duly cleaned and protected.
  2. Fixing boundaries and boards for the reserved areas attached to archaeological sites declared by the gazette.
  3. Restoration and maintenance of the departmental buildings, roads and infrastructure facilities available in the reserved areas.
  4. Archaeological conservation of monuments discovered from excavations and maintenance of them daily in a manner suitable for public display.
  5. Maintenance of protected monuments already gazetted or in possession of private persons conserving their roofs and walls using architectural or chemical treatment and to be constantly vigilant about them.

Maintenance division has been decentralized island wide at the provincial level. Information on worksite concerned may be obtained from the Regional Assistant Director, Regional Maintenance Manager of officer in charge of the zone contacting them over the phone as mentioned.

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