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  1. Preparation of inspection reports on antiquities and mural paintings to be conserved.
  2. Preparation of a priority list of sites to be conserved.
  3. Estimating the cost of such conservation work.
  4. Implementation of conservation work and preparation of final report.
  5. Preparation of research paper antiquities found in the field and antiquities available in the archaeological museums at present.
  6. Preparation of priority list of antiquities to be conserved.
  7. Carrying out conservation work.


  1. Chemical and physical stabilization of coloured and illustrated movable and immovable surface and its structure.
  2. Chemical stabilization of movable antiquities.
  3. Chemical and physical stabilization of immovable antiquities.
  4. Conservation and Conservation oriented copying of sculpture.
  5. Preparation of quality reports of coloured surface for conservation and follow up requirements.
  6. Preparation of final reports on completed conservation .
  7. Follow up work an identified antiquities which have been conserved and not conserved.
  8. Research and analysis of murals and sculpture.

Conservation of Antiquities
Conservation of antiquities obtained from marine and highland excavations, antiquities, already deposited and to be deposited in archaeological museums and antiquities available in the field, follow up work on antiquities after conservations and providing conservation guidance for exhibitions and storage.

Antiquities Conserved in the Year 2009

  1. Follow up work in the Conserved ferry at Lath pandura and guidance for display.
  2. Conservation of Attanagalle ferry kept in Colombo museum.
  3. Conservation of the Cannon found in Mundalama
  4. Conservation of all antiquities meant for placing in Seruwila museum.

Seeking Public Cooperation for Presentation of Paintings and Antiquities
It is internationally accepted that antiquities available in a particular area can be protected by the people who live in that area. Hence it is expected that local public too would perform that duty.

  1. To notify the department the present nature of antiquities to be protected.
  2. To notify when destructions take place.
  3. To notify about paintings and antiquities suffering destructions.
  4. Providing assistance to prevent damage caused to murals in Viharas by the rain.
  5. Helping to prevent damage caused by thieves

Inquires - +94-11-2691960
Address Chemical Conervation Division
Department of Archaeology
Colombo 07.

Regional offices

Central Province - +94-81-2222336 - Mr. Manura Jayasundara
Southern Province - +94-91-2234971 - Mrs. Janani Seneviratne
North Western Province - +94-37-2291065
Uva Province - +94-55-2222637
North Central Province - +94-75-2222411
Sabaragamuwa Province - +94-63-2222017
Northern Province - +94-24-2224805

Conservation Work Carried Out During 2009 by the Chemical Conservation Division

Western Province - Purana Bodhimalu Viharaya Ganewatta ; Purana Viharaya Divulapitiya Kossinna ; Devamittaramaya, Ganemulla ; Purana Viharaya Bulathsinhala Welipillawa, Ganemulla , Pokuriwita Purana Viharaya Horana.

Central Province - Kapukotuwa Purana Viharaya, Yatawatta, Matale Kondadeniya Rajamaha Vihara, Harispattuwa, Kandy.

Southern Province - Sailabimbaramaya, Dodanduwa Gandaramaya, Magalla Paragoda Rajamaha Viharaya, Imaduwa Sunandaramaya, Ambalangoda Kumarakanda, Kikkaduwa Panchthuparamaya, Hambantora Godapitiya Jethawanaramaya, Akuressa.

North western Province - Uturupachcha Purana Viharaya, Dodangaslanda Nelawa Tampita Viharaya, Ibbagamuwa Rewehere Purana Viharaya, Ahetuwewa.

Nothe Central Province - Nagarukkharamaya Galkiriyagama, Avukana statue Anuradhapura, Sri Devethissa Rajamaha Viharaya, Mahaelagamuwa, Kakirawa.

Uva Province - Thimbiriya, Bibile, Mayuragiriya, Monaragala, Ganulpota, Monaragala.

Sabaragamuwa Province - Podape Tampita Viharaya, Aranayaka Gammannagoda Tampita Viharaya, Aranayaka Ganemullahena Viharaya, Warakapola Walagamba Len Viharaya, Galigamuwa Muwapitiya Purana Viharaya Rambukkana.

Eastern Province - Conservation work isto be carried out this year. Ovagiriya, Ampara, Muhudu Maha Viharaya Potuvil, Magul Maha Viharaya, Lahugala.

Services Provided by the Division

  1. Upliftment of broken Buddha images.
  2. Preservation of murals under destruction.
  3. Conservation of antiquities.
  4. Imparting education and training to university students
  5. Conservation of shrine rooms.

Inquires :
Conservation of murals
Mr. Nishanta Perera
Mr. U. Wathuge - +94-11-2691960

Conservation of antiquities - Mrs. Anusha Kasthuri
Miss Reshani Dharmawardhana
Miss Diveesha Atukorala - +94-11-2691960

Organization Information

Department of Archaeology

Sir Marcus Frenando Mawatha,
Colombo 07.

Mrs. W.R. J. Vasana Pramachandraa
Telephones:+94 11 2 692840 / 41
Fax Nos:+94 11 2 696514

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