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Waste Reception Service

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License Issuing for dispose of Ship generate Waste




Marine Environment Protection Authority (MEPA) was incorporated under the Marine Pollution Prevention Act No. 59 of 1981 empowering to give effect to international conventions for the prevention of pollution of the Sri Lanka waters as one of its key responsibilities. According to the provision of section 13 of Marine Pollution Prevention Act MEPA is responsible in facilitating reception facilities within or outside any port in Sri Lanka on behalf of the State enabling ships to discharge or deposit oil residues or other pollutants. At present the MEPA has made arrangements to collect shipboard waste through private sector service providers in Colombo, Galle and Trincomalee ports. The MEPA plans to have in place a proper reception and disposal system with no adverse effect on marine and terrestrial environment. In order to establish such a system MEPA invites interested service providers to express their interests to register their operation with the MEPA.


2.1 Complete the form MP/WRS-01 and submit to MEPA with the following supporting documents.

a. Valid certificate of the Registrar of Companies (under the Companies Act No. 17 of 1982 of Sri Lanka.
b. Valid S/L Ports Authority License [for the appropriate category] for operating within a Port. (Act. No. 51/1979 sect 67/Gazette notification 194/11-1982)
c. Environment Protection License (EPL) of Central Environment Authority (CEA) for dispose / storage of waste and/or the permit from the respective Local Government Authority (LGA) for disposal of waste
d. A permit from the respective Local Government Authority for solid waste disposal

2.2. Proof for ownership to sufficient amounts of safety and other oil removal equipment and employment of trained personnel for waste removal operation should be established. Safety equipments that should be maintained are Overalls, Safety Jackets, Oil resistant Gloves, Safety Helmets etc.
2.3 Proof for capability of maintaining equipment used for oil removal operation as per specification given by MEPA is necessary.
2.4 The duly completed MP/WRS-01 shall be lodged at the MEPA office on or before 12.00 hrs on the 15th January 2009.


3.1 After submission of application, MEPA will inspect safety and other oil removal equipment and disposal sites. According to the compliance of required specifications MEPA will notify the applicant to pay the registration fee to the Marine Environment Protection Authority by a bank draft drawn in favor of Marine Environment Protection Authority or in cash. MP/WRS/2 will be issued to the accepted applicants after signing the Agreement (MP/WRS/5) with the Chairman of MEPA on behalf of the Marine Environment Protection Authority.

The rejected applicants will be notified of the reasons for rejection of their application within 14 working days following the closing date of 15th January 2009.


3.2.1 Application Fee : Rs. 1000.00

3.2.2 Registration fee for Colombo Habour

3.2.2.a) Registration Fee for Garbage only : Rs. 30000.00

3.2.2.b) Registration Fee for Oily Waste only : Rs. 70000.00

3.2.3 Registration fee for Trincomalee Habour :

3.2.3.a) Registration Fee for Garbage only : Rs. 7000.00

3.2.3.b) Registration Fee for Oily Waste only : Rs. 13000.00

3.2.4 Registration fee for Galle Harbour

3.2.4.a) Registration Fee for Garbage only : Rs. 7000.00
3.2.4.b) Registration Fee for Oily Waste only : Rs. 13000.00

3.2.5 All ports Rs. 120000.00

3.2.6 Individual Reception Fee Rs. 3000.00

Above rates applicable only for service providers registered on or before 15th January 2009. Additional Surcharge of 10% will be imposed on late applications.

4) Procedure for Individual Reception Operation

4.1 Complete and submit the MP/WRS/3A form to MEPA Head Office along with a letter of authorization from ship’s agent, address to Chairman/MEPA.
4.2 Pay individual reception fee to the MEPA.
4.3 Obtain 5 copies of the MP/WRS/3 forms duly issued by MEPA. MP/WRS/3 form is printed on carbon impregnated paper. Therefore all entries must be made using a ball point pen on the 1st page (original) of the permit.
4.4 Submit all copies to SLPA and obtain endorsement in section 3 from SLPA Navigation Division and return Copy-2 of MP/WRS/3 to SLPA.
4.6 Once the removal operation is over, get the Ship Captain to duly complete section 4A, complete section 4B by Service Provider and handover Original of MP/WRS/3 to ship captain.
4.7 Obtain endorsement in section 5 from SL Customs and return the duly completed “CUSTOMS COPY” Copy-3 of MP/WRS/3to the Chief Preventive Officer of the Customs.
4.8 Obtain endorsement in section 6 from owner/supervisor of the disposal site.
4.9 Submit the duly completed copy “FOR RETURN TO MEPA”-Copy-1 of MP/WRS/3 to the MEPA Office with in 24 hours of the completion of the operation. (UNTIL THE COPY-1 OF LAST ISSUED, MP/WRS/3 IS SUBMITTED NO NEW PERMITS SHALL BE ISSUED)
4.10 Copy 4 of the MP/WRS/3 to be retained by the R S P
4.11 In the event of a cancellation of any operation, submit a letter of confirmation from the local agent.


5.1 Report to the MEPA and Harbor Safety Section (Navigation Section) immediately
5.2 Initiate action to minimize the damage using your own resources


6.1 Registered Service Providers should supply the list of names of the person authorized to Individual reception permits from MEPA on their behalf
6.2 If any person not listed in 6.1 above, make a request a letter of authorization should be provided.
6.3 Any change of the Address, telephone numbers etc should be notified to the MEPA immediately of such changes personally signed by the Service Provider.
6.4 Any changes to above mentioned details will be notified to all Registered Service Providers.

Organization Information

Marine Environment Protection Authority

Nawala Road,
Colombo 05.

Telephones:+94 11 2554006/ 2554373
Fax Nos:+94 11 2556505

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