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How to get land for industries or business?

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How to get land for industries or business?

01. Qualifications

Should be a Sri Lankan citizen
Has to prove the financial ability to begin and continue.
Must have gain experience on training.
Should submit a project proposal

02. Procedure of submitting the application(Where to get, Handover the application, counter a time)
Submit the request to the relevant Block Management Office or RPMs Office

03. Fee for the application

04. Time for submission of application

On Wednesday during the office hours

05. Amount payable for the service
(If selected relevant taxes should be paid)

06. Time duration to get the service(Normal & Priority Services)
If suitable land is available and the required qualifications are fulfilled by the applicant, land can be handed over within three months.

07. Relevant Documents

  • Project Proposal
  • Proof to certify financial stability
  • Proof to certify training experience

Staff Officers responsible for the service

Business Development

Business Development Manager

Resident Project Manager System H

Business Development Manager System H
025-2276214 / 025-2276877 / 025-2276328

Resident Project Manager System B
027-2259423 / 027-2259065

Resident Project Manager System C
027-2250119 / 027-2250173 / 027-2250119

Business Development Manager System C
027-2250119 / 027-2250173 / 027-2250119

Resident Project Manager UW
047-2230013 / 047-2230201

Business Development Manager UW
047-2230013 / 047-2230201

Organization Information

Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka

No 500
T.B.Jayath Mawatha
Colombo 10.

Telephones:011 – 2687491 – 5
Fax Nos:011 – 2687240

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