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NAICC- agriculture advisory service

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Who needs information to solve their urgent problems in farming?

Process of submitting quarries
Can contact from any place over any telephone network through the short code ‘1920’

Fees payable to obtain the service?
Normal call rate

Time of quarrying
During office hours (8.30am-4.15pm). Not available in Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Place of the service
‘Govi Sahana Sarana’ Agriculture Advisory Service, National Agriculture Information and Communication Centre, Gannoruwa, Peradeniya. Tp/fax 0812 030040  email:

Staff officers in charge of the services
Agriculture Instructor
s - Mr. Thissa Dharmawardana

Officer In charge: Head of the Centre: Aditional Director of Agriculture

Organization Information

Department of Agriculture

Old Galaha road,
Sri Lanka.

Dr. W.M.W. Weerakoon
Telephones:+94-812-388 331,+94-812-388 332, +94-812-388 334
Fax Nos:+94-812388333

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