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Approval of the building plans

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All the construction activities with on the area of the authority of pradeshiya sabha being rule and regulate by it. People who are engage in construction activities in the area of authority of Homagama pradeshiya sabha should obtain a permit from this pradeshiya sabha.
As the area of authority of Homagama pradeshiya sabha declared as urban development area. Under the Urban Development Authority Act no 41 in 1978, the constructions should be done according to that rules and regulations.

Procedure for approving of the building plans
• A building application form should be obtain from the pradeshiya sabha office by payment of Rs. 300
• A plan of the building to be approved together with three photo copies of the original plans and a copy of the relevant deed should be send together with the perfected application to the building section and a receipt for payment made according to the extent of square feet should be obtain. (Particulars in this respect are given in the application form)
• There after a technical officer / public health inspector of the pradeshiya sabha will inspect the relevant place and with their recommendation the relevant file will be submitted to the planning committee. After with the approval will be granted.
• Relevant approve plan con be obtain after the approval frank is placed on it. (Particulars are given in the application form)

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