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Issue of License for Sale of Meat

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All slaughtering houses and meat stoles situated with in the area of authority of the pradeshiya sabha shall be subject to supervision and control of the pradeshiya sabha.
• If it is maintain in the building belonging to the pradeshiya sabha.
• Tender for such meat stoles will be invited annually by the sabha and the tender selected by the sabha should pay a monthly rent fixed by the sabha.
When the meat stole is maintained in the private building a license from the pradeshiya sabha should be obtain.

For this purpose following documents should be submitted.
• Name of the applicant for license
• Address of the applicant for license
• Address of the place where the slaughtering house or the meat stole is located or to be located.

Procedure for application
• There are two types of licenses
1. Temporary licenses
2. annual licenses
• A written application should be made for the maintenance of a slaughter house or a meat stole.
• After on the spot inspection by the officers concern a notice will be public in the gazette calling for objections of any.
• If there are no objections license will be issued.

In this concern the applicant should signed an agreement with the pradeshiya sabha and surety should be furnished at the pradeshiya sabha.
This license should be renewed annually on payment of the fee.

In case of any objections,
- A decision will be taken in the issue after an inquiry held with the participation of a chairman of the pradeshiya sabha.
- Any party can appeal against the decision of the chairman with in period of 10 days from the date of receipt of the decision and the minister’s decision will be final and conclusive.
- When all the requirements are not fulfilled the short comings will be intimated to the applicant and on completion of them the license will be issued.
- This license should be renewed annually by paying the license fee.

N.B:- A person who maintain a slaughter house and / or a meat stole with out authority may be liable to legal action at the magistrate court.

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