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Registration of Changes of the Ownership of the Lands and Buildings

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In terms of section 141 of the pradeshiya sabha act, all the lands and buildings situated within the area of authority of the pradeshiya sabha and owners and tenants of such lands and buildings should essentially be registered in the pradeshiya sabha. Similarly it is also essentially in registered all the transactions that take place in regard to lands and buildings within the area of authority of the pradeshiya sabha.

• When such registration has not been done permission will not be granted to block out or develop such lands.
• In the absence of such registration, licenses for buildings will not be issued.

Amount of fee
• At present a sum around Rs. 170/- is been charged and this fee is liable to be change the decisions of the Sabha.

Documents to be provided
• A copy of the title deed of the relevant land or building attested by the notarial license holder.
• The assessment no, the value and other particulars of the land or the buildings.
• The boundaries and as to how the boundaries or the relevant land or building are identified.
• The full name and the address of the owner of the land or building.
• If there is a joint ownership to the land or building, the names and addresses of the joint owners.
• A registered copy of the deed with the notarial attestation.
• A copy of the survey of plan.

• Obtaining an application on payment of a fee.
• Handing over the application together with other documents.
• Here the assessment register will be examined to decide the correctness of the information furnished by the applicant.
• Carrying out a field inspection
• Granting approval for the amendment of the assessment register
• Amendment of the assessment register and informing the applicant accordingly.

When the particulars furnished by the owner with the application do not tally with the particulars of the assessment register, applicant will be informed to furnish a title report.

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