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Recovery of Taxes for Vehicles and Animals

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In terms of the pradeshiya sabha act of number 15 of 1987 this tax will not applied to cars, lorries, motor bicycles, other motor vehicles which falled under motor traffic act.
This license should be obtained before the date fixed by the pradeshiya sabha or by the by laws.
Bicycles, Tricycles, Tricycle carts, hand-carts, rickshaws, horses and ponies kept or used within the area of authority of the pradeshiya sabha will come under this tax.

• When tax will be paid to the pradeshiya sabha the receipt will be issued and there is no specific application form for this purpose.
• A metal plate together with a registered number will be issued in respect of animal or vehicle in support of its registration.

When the tax is not paid.
• Pradeshiya sabha will issue a notice to those who have not obtained the license.
• A fine will be recovered after causing the owner of the vehicle or the animal to appear before the magistrate court.

When the metal plate with the registration number is not displayed, when the owner fails to produce such plate when ordered by the chairman./ secretary or authorized officer or police officer, such vehicle / animal can be taken into the custody. In such of the circumstance the person incharged or the owner will be brought to the magistrate court.

The following vehicles and animals are exempted from the taxes.
- Vehicles owned by the state or the pradeshiya sabha
- Vehicles kept for sale
- Vehicles fall under the section 2 of the motor traffic ordinance.

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