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Procedure in applying for FL 13 and 13 A License

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1.    An application should obtain by paying Rs 7500/=.  The application is valid for 03 years.

2.    Following documents are to be forwarded with the relevant application form:-

     a.    A copy of the plan of the building where the proposed excise license to be operated, certified by the provincial authorities.   Details of
           floor area should be there with others.

     b.    An affidavit should be forwarded by ensuring that the applicant is not convicted for any offence under Penal Code  during the last five
            years, or other offence relating to his character.

    c.   Original copies of the Deed or the documents pertaining to the ownership of the building should be forwarded, with an additional   
         certified copy.   A Lease Agreement  obtained from the building owner stating his willingness to run the business at least 03 continual
         years,  should be forwarded.  It should certify by a Public Notary.   If the proposed institution is mortgaged, a confirmation  letter
         should be forwarded by the relevant financial institute.

    d.    A Survey Plan which indicates the distances to the Schools and religious places,  from boundary to boundary,  from the proposed premises,  certified by authorized Surveyor,  should be forwarded.

    e.    The Business Registration Certificate issued under Business Registration Act,  and for a Company,  Company Registration Certificate, certified by the Public Notary.

    f.    Receipt of the non refundable application fee.

    g.    Certificates obtained from the relevant Divisional Secretary and the OIC from the Police area.

    h.    Assessment Number of the proposed premises.

    i.    Registration Certificate under Club Act No: 17 of 1975


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