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Requirements to be fulfilled when transferring a license to another person

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1.    Affidavit should forward with regard to the transfer.

2.    New applicant should forward an affidavit stating that he can bear all responsibilities in relating to the license.

3.    Should obtain an application by paying Rs 7500/= in the name of new applicant.

4.    An affidavit should be forwarded by ensuring that the applicant (New)  is not convicted for any offence under Penal Code  during the last five years, or other offence relating to his character.

5.    Copy of the Cash Receipt (Paid for application fee)

6.    Divisional Secretary’s Report and the Police Report

7.    When the transferee is not a legal heir of the Transferor, a further sum of Rs 500,000/- shall be paid in the case of FL 04 type licenses and Rs 150,000/- shall be paid in other types of licenses as fees, for transfer of the license to such transferee.


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