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Grant Customs clearance for products covered by the Import Inspection Scheme

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mandatory items,Notification form,fees,flow chart

Import inspection


The objective of the Import Inspection Scheme (IIS) is to assure that the products (122 products) are closely monitored and checked against the relevant Sri Lanka Standard Specification (SLS) and to make recommendation to the Department of Sri Lanka Customs. This scheme is based on the Gazette notification No. 2064/34 0f 29 March 2018 under the Imports and Exports Control Act No.1 of 1969.

Another new gazette has been published on 11 February 2016 to cover taps and accessories under the Import Inspection scheme. (Gazette Extraordinary No.1953/27)
Conformity of consignments of the designated items for importation shall be based on the following criteria.

a) Acceptability of the Conformity Certificate/s supporting the consignment, from the exporting country.
b)  Acceptability of the Product Certification Mark issued by the National Standard body of the exporting   country or National Standards body of other country.
c) Reliability and past experience with the manufacturer of the product from the exporting country.


Category 1 Consignments accompanied with acceptable conformity certificates from an overseas laboratory or an inspection agency or any other Government Institution registered with the SLSI
Category 2 Consignments accompanied with a quality certificates from the national standards body of the exporting country. Conformity certificate shall be issued in accordance with the relevant Sri Lanka Standards Specification.Category 3 Consignment imported from a manufacturer registered with the SLSI and accompanying with a quality certificate from the manufacturer.
Category 3 Consignmentsimported from a manufacturing plant registered with the SLSI.
A conformity certificate should accompany each and every consignment from the manufacturing plant.
Category 4 Consignments of products carrying Product Certification Mark of the National Standard body of NY country where the standard used for said certification is compatible with the corresponding Sri Lanka Standard Specification. Such manufacture should register for relevant products with the SLSI.
Category 5 Consignments which do not fall into any of the above categories
Samples will be drawn from consignments falling under Categories 1 to 4 and subject them for testing either for a random check or if there is a reasonable doubt regarding the quality of the consignment. SLSI may refuse releasing of such consignments found unsatisfactory. The consignments from which samples are drawn for a random check would be released for sale/use after drawing the samples.
Note:  If the two standards are fully compatible a quality certificate need not be submitted. In instances where a particular requirement of the National Standard deviate from the Sri Lanka Standard a test certificate is required to certify that the particular requirement complies with the Sri Lanka Standard.
Any consignment of a designated item which falls under Category 5 will be sampled at the port and the consignment will not be released from the port until test report is available. In instances where facilities are available the SLSI may consider releasing the goods to a customs bonded warehouse until clearance is obtained.

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