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Reservation Accommodation of National Art Gallery

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Arrangements have been taken to supply Eastern and Western wings of National Art Gallery on requests from the public, for exhibitions and other cultural activities.
For exhibition and programme to be held in Eastern and Western wings of the National Art Gallery, permission must be obtained from the Arts Council of Sri Lanka and Colombo Municipal Council.
Application form perfected by the applicant for the reservation of National Art Gallery has to be forwarded to the Director of Cultural Affairs with the approval letter of Arts Council of Sri Lanka. Application form can be obtained from the Head office, Arts Section of the Department of Cultural Affairs.
No fee will be charged for applications.
Reservation must be done well in advance at least 3 months prior to the date of requirement.
Reservation of Eastern wing of National Art Gallery
01. Charges for one day (8:00am - 6:00) Rs.4,000.00/= (Charges for Over One hour Rs.500.00/=)
02. All reservations above require a deposit Rs.3,000.00/=
Reservation of Western wing of National Art Gallery
01. Charges for one day (8:00am - 6:00) Rs.3,000.00/= (Charges for Over One hour Rs.500.00/=)
02. All reservations above require a deposit Rs.3,000.00/=
charges for Other
01. 1 hour Air-conditioning charge Rs. 700.00/=
02. 1 hour video charge Rs. 700.00/=
03. Charges for oil lamp (brass) Rs.150.00/=
04. 3 hour sound charge Rs. 1000.00/= (3 hours 1 unit)
(contain for this Package:- Phordiam,3 Microphone,1Amplipire,CD,Dek,Keset Player,2Buffle)
05. Charges for Extra 1 Mic Rs. 200/=
Electricity and damages charges for any equipment will be deducted from the deposit and the balance will be refunded.
(It has been proposed to revise these charges from?29th June 2009)

Director of Cultural Affairs/Deputy Director/Assistant Director will serve as Staff Officers.
Even though the National Art Gallery has been reserved for a relevant date, that date of reservation can be cancelled for urgent departmental requirement and another date can be fixed as required on the discretion of powers vested to the Director of Cultural Affairs who will alter date of reservation after discussing with the reserver.

Organization Information

Department of Cultural Affairs

8th Floor,

Mr. S.P. Wickramanayaka
Telephones:+94-112-872031 / +94-112-866731
Fax Nos:+94-112-866732

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