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Public Petitions Unit

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The Public Petitions Unit was formulated in 1996 to grant relief and redress for violations of rights or bureaucratic bungling by a State Institutions. The complaints are fundamentally with regard to the inaction, docile and lethargic discharge of duties by Public Officers. Since it's inception it has grown to receive a multitude of complaints of a varying nature. On receiving the petitions action is taken in a pragmatic manner to propel the relevant Public Institutions to ameliorate the conditions. Instructions and advice given by this Unit pivots around the concept of Legal Aid mirrored by the principles of equity and justice for all and sundry.



Citizens could forward their petitions of complains address to the Attorney General. On receipt of these petitions a number is allocated and a letter of acknowledgment is sent along with a number for future correspondence. The complainant is also informed about the action taken by the Unit.

The Unit consists of Mr. Sanjay Rajarathnam DSG,?Mr. P. Kumaratnam SSC and Ms. Viveka Siriwardena SSC,?three clerks and an office assistant. The unit is funded by the Asia Foundation.


Organization Information

Department of Attorney General’s

Attorney General's Department
Colombo 12.

Shashikalum Perera
Telephones:0094-11-2320848 / 0094-11-2320854 / 0094-11-2327919 / 0094-11-2431603
Fax Nos:0094-11-2436421

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