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Registration of a Power of Attorney

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  1. Any person can register a Power of Attorney to assign permission to another person residing in Sri Lanka to act on behalf of the applicant as an agent(legal).
  2. All documents should be submitted to the Head office or Zonal office.
    1. Zonal office – Zonal office will register if the receiver resides within the domain of the Zonal office.
    2. Head office – Head office will register even the receiver resides in anywhere of the country.
  1. The document should be submitted by making personally or by a Notary Public including correct information. Better to get advice from a Notary Public.
  2. Documents to be submitted,
    1. Power of Attorney
    2. Certified copy from the Power of Attorney
    3. Affidafit certified by a Justice of peace
  1. Fees chargeable are as follows.
  2. Description Price (Rs.)
    1. Registration of a Power of Attorney 1500.00
    2. Inspect Records relating to Power of Attorney 500.00
    3. Obtain a certified copy of the Power of Attorney 500.00
    4. Issue a certified extract of a folio 500.00


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