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Admission to a state funded University/Higher Educational Institute

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You are eligible to apply for university admission, if you are:
pronounced eligible by the Commissioner General of Examinations and if you have obtained:

1. at least “S” grades in all three approved subjects in one sitting, within a minimum of three attempts : and
2. a minimum mark of 30% for the Common General Paper at the G.C.E (A/L) Examination.

After releasing the results of the G.C.E (A/L) Examination by the Department of Examinations;

Step 1:
A paper advertisement is published by the UGC, calling applications for University admission.

Step 2:
The applicant could obtain University Admissions Handbook, which includes the policies, principals governing admission to universities, advanced level subject pre-requisites to be satisfied, necessary guidelines for entrance and the application form for University Admission, either from the UGC or from an authorised agent as per the press notice.

Step 3:
Applications for university admission can be submitted online at Having completed the other requirements as given in the Admissions Handbook, the printed application form generated by the online system or the duly filled manual application should be sent to UGC by registered post before the closing date of the applications as per the press notice.

note 1: From the academic year 2015/2016 onwards, a unique code has been assigned to each individual course of study in a particular university/campus/institute. This unique code is referred as “Uni-Code”. Candidates should apply for any number of Uni-Codes, according to their preference order.

In the selection, the course of study and the university both will be considered together. However, candidates will not be considered for the courses of study and the universities (Uni-Codes) to which they have not marked preferences.

Candidates can change their order of “Uni-Codes” online and manually within a month of the closing date of applications.

note 2: No one is allowed to change the order of “Uni-Codes” or to include new courses of study after one month of closing date for applications.

Step 4:
Candidates who wish to gain admission to courses of study for which selections would be based on the results of an aptitude test have to apply to the relevant universities who conduct Aptitude Tests for those courses of study when such universities call applications through press notices.

Step 5:
UGC will commence the screening process and incomplete applications will be rejected.

Step 6:
Rejected applicants will be informed in writing.

Step 7:
All successful applications are entered to a system and a Reference number is generated for each application, which is unique for each applicant.

Step 8:
District for university entrance of each candidate is determined by the UGC according to the criteria given in the Handbook.

Step 9:
An SMS(for online applicants)/acknowledgement card is sent to the candidate, which includes,

1. receipt of application
2. reference number
3. District for university entrance

Step 10:
Once, the Re-scrutinized marks by the Department of Examinations and the results of the Aptitude tests of the respective Universities are received by the UGC, selection process will be started.

Step 11:
Minimum Z-Scores for each course of study of a university will be released by the UGC.

note 3: Until this stage, no one will be able to predict the applicant’s selection for a given academic year based on the results of the respective G.C.E (A/L) examination.

Step 12:
Candidates will be selected to a course of study of a university as follows;
When a candidate has indicated preferences for more than one course of study and a university (Uni-Code), he/she will be considered for the 1st preferred Uni-Code. If the candidate is not selected for that course of study, he/she will be considered for the next preferred Uni-Code. Accordingly, the candidate will be considered for the Uni-Codes according to his order of preference until he/she is selected or found not selected for any of the Uni-Codes.

note 4: However, candidates will not be considered for the Uni-Codes to which they have not marked preferences.

Step 13:
Letter of Admission and an application for Mahapola Scholarship will be sent to each successful candidate.

Step 14:
Successful candidates should get themselves registered online for the selected course of study of the university, via the official website of UGC, having made the due payment in credit of the UGC to the bank or online, before the given deadline for registration.

Note 5: Online registration for the selected course of study of a university is a mandatory requirement from the academic year 2015/2016 onwards.

Step 15:
Vacancies arise as a result of non-registration of students will be filled with the next candidate in line as per the paragraph no. 2.5.1 in the Admissions Handbook.

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