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Obtaining Financial Assistance/Scholaships for Undergraduate Studies

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Three types of Financial Assistance are available for Undergraduates.
1.Mahapola Scholarship
3. Endowed scholarships

1.Mahapola Scholarship

Mahapola Scholarships are awarded by the Mahapola Trust Fund and the number of scholarships to be awarded in a particular year is determined by the Fund.

Step 1:
All successful candidates will be sent an application form for a Mahapola Scholarship by the UGC.

Step 2:
Duly filled application forms along with required documents be submitted to the UGC through the Grama Niladari and the Divisional Secretary of the respective area of residence on or before the closing date specified in the Application form.

Step 3:
All the applications are entered to a computerized system and a reference number unique to each applicant is generated for each application.

Step 4:
Incomplete applications will be rejected and notified to the applicant in writing.

Step 5:
Acknowledgement card informing the receipt of the Mahapola Scholarship application form with a reference number is sent to each candidate.

Step 6:
Selections are done by the UGC according to four subject streams (ie. Arts, Commerce, Bio Science and Physical Science) on the basis of,
1. Merit (the top 10% of each subject stream will be selected under this method.)

2. Need (based on the annual income, Z score and the District from where the candidate has been selected for admissions.)

Step 7:
The list of selected candidates will be sent by the UGC to the Mahapola Trust Fund and Candidates selected for Mahapola Scholarships will be informed by the Trust Fund.

2. Bursary

Step 1
University at which the Student is registered will call for applications for University Bursaries.

Step 2
Needy students should make an application to the Student Welfare Branch of the University.

Step 3:
The University will select students for Bursaries according to criteria approved by the UGC.
Note: All information regarding University Bursaries can be obtained from the University to which the student is attached to.

3. Endowed scholarships

Students can apply for Endowed Scholarships when applications are called for such scholarships either by the UGC or respective universities.

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