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Coconut Replanting subsidy

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The objective? of the program is to replacement of coconut in which the existing trees have become unproductive plantations due to senility or age. If a grower select this method, he should remove all the existing trees and plant coconut seedlings in keeping with good cultural practices explained by the Coconut Development Officer

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1.         Coconut lands which have less than 1000 nuts annual yield due to age or senility.


2.         Be a Sri Lankan


3.         Land should be more than ½ acre


4.         Any land, hold by an individual or a company entitled to obtain subsidy for a maximum of 10/Ac/ per year.  However, if land owner posses several lands in the country, he will only eligible for maximum of 10 Acs.


5.         Applicant should be the legal owner or authorized agent of the owner and he must verify his ownership at the stage of application submission.


6.         State lands or lands owned by government institutions will not qualify for subsidy.


Yala Season – Before 31st December of the previous year

Maha Season – Before 30th  June Same year


Application Procedure

*          Where to get the application ?


Coconut Development Office at Govijana Kendraya or Coconut Cultivation Board Regional Offices.


*          Application Fee : None


*          Application Submitting time


            Every Wednesdays during office hours or by post


Selected subsidy holder will receive 64-76 coconut seedlings per Ac.

Organization Information

Coconut Cultivation Board

Denzil Kobbekaduwa Mawath

Mr. M.J.S. Ravisinghe
Fax Nos:0115549507

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